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  • 2019 Donkey Coffee
    Mobile UI/UX and ecommerce consulting
  • 2019 McAvoy Massage
    Small business branding and website
  • 2017 Kasey Jones Art
    Custom artist portfolio with headless content management system
  • 2017 Timbaland
    Pitch for website and ecommerce solution
  • 2016 Kanani Pearl Spa
    Mobile UI/UX consulting and optimization
  • 2016 Go Run
    UI/UX for mobile app designed for marathon runners
  • 2015 Cartridge World
    Mobile UI/UX for consumer web app
  • 2015 Novartis
    Mobile UI/UX for consumer web apps
  • 2014 Hoodmart
    Mobile UI/UX for ecommerce app
  • 2013 Neptune Festival
    Mobile UI/UX for festival web app, including calendar and interactive map
  • 2013 Vibralign
    Website, ecommerce and content management system
  • 2012 BWI Crossfit
    Mobile UI/UX and website, including CMS and appointment scheduler